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We are delighted to welcome you to Blenheim House in Melksham. We offer our residents the chance to experience outstanding care of all types - residential, dementia, nursing, palliative, respite and day care, in a stimulating, beautiful environment.

There are many things which set Blenheim House apart from other care homes, and I hope you can spend the time exploring our website and brochure to find out all you can.

We are rightly proud of what we have achieved for our residents and we invite everyone who is interested in the home to visit us in person. Please contact me to arrange a convenient time – I very much look forward to meeting you soon.

Mark Barnes, Blenheim House

Nicola Humphries - General Manager

All our stories are unique. So begins the next chapter of your life in a truly individual setting.

We believe now is the time to be choosy and settle for nothing less than premium quality, hotel-level luxury and unparalleled care.

Move in with us and we’ll make sure our home is your home. Hang pictures in your own modern space so it looks like home. Invite friends and family over when it suits you so it feels like home. And enjoy your favourite food (and exquisite new dishes) in our tempting restaurant so it tastes like home.

But make sure you make it back for a theatre trip with your new friends!

At Blenheim House, it's all about you.

We would be delighted for you and your family to visit our home and see the Blenheim House way of life. You are welcome at any time, appointments are not necessary.

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Latest Activities

Blenheim House BBQ Day!

Come and join us for what is sure to be a fun day! Everyone is welcome, the more the merrier. The BBQ will be served from 4.30pm but there is plenty to get involved with before the food begins. We have: 

Lawn games

·         BBQ

·         Various stalls

·         Entertainment

·         Bake sale

·         Animal visits

·         Tombola/ raffle

Come along and get involved!

Activity lists will be coming soon

Latest News

Spotting the Early Symptoms of Dementia

We are all unique, and so is dementia. It affects people differently so no two people will have symptoms that develop in exactly the same way. However, while there is no standard “check list” for dementia, there are similar symptoms between those that develop the condition between Alzheimer's disease and other types of dementia.

The most common signs of dementia

Declining memory
It’s fair to say that most of us are forgetful from time-to-time! We might misplace our keys or wallet, or on occasion forget the name of someone or something. With dementia, these little moments become a little more common and sometimes more concerning. Often it’s not just a name that’s out of reach but who a person is, or perhaps the route home becomes a challenge to remember. 

Language difficulties
Those living with dementia may find it difficult to accurately verbalise their thoughts. It may become noticeable when the person uses an incorrect word or takes longer than usual to respond. Problems with language occur because the diseases that cause dementia can affect the parts of the brain that control language. In some forms of dementia, such as frontotemporal dementia, it is likely to be one of the first symptoms that is noticed.

Familiar tasks become difficult 
At some point during the day, we all tend to do certain tasks on autopilot, like getting dressed, doing housework or making a meal. Those living with a form of dementia may start to get simple steps in these processes wrong. As well as struggling to complete familiar tasks, they may find it difficult to learn how to do new things or follow new routines.

It’s not uncommon for people living with dementia to lose track of where they are, as well as where they were going – even in a place they know well. Although we all lose track of the day of the week now and then, they may even become confused about the time of day, or even mix up night and day.

Changes in behaviour and mood
Behavioural changes are easiest to spot when you know someone well, but can be mistaken for stress, depression, or “just one of those days” – until it becomes most or all of those days. Sudden mood swings, noticeable agitation, major changes in emotional outlook, and even losing interest in hobbies or sleeping more than usual, may be an early sign of dementia.

Problems with concentration and planning 
Those living with dementia can find it challenging to concentrate on things in any environment, including their own home. From difficulty organising a calendar, to planning clothing appropriate for the weather or having trouble following the plot on a television programme; there are numerous other communication and logic signs that can develop with dementia.

If you believe that a relative or someone you care about may be displaying signs of Alzheimer’s or any other form of dementia, talk to your GP independently for advice. You can also read lots more great info on the Alzheimer's Society website and learn how dementia can be managed with the right care in the right environment. 
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