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We are delighted to welcome you to Blenheim House in Melksham. We offer our residents the chance to experience outstanding care of all types - residential, dementia, nursing, palliative and respite care, in a stimulating, beautiful environment.

There are many things which set Blenheim House apart from other care homes, and I hope you can spend the time exploring our website and brochure to find out all you can.

We are rightly proud of what we have achieved for our residents and we invite everyone who is interested in the home to visit us in person. Please contact me to arrange a convenient time – I very much look forward to meeting you soon.

Mirko Ridolfo, Blenheim House

Mirko Ridolfo - General Manager

All our stories are unique. So begins the next chapter of your life in a truly individual setting.

We believe now is the time to be choosy and settle for nothing less than premium quality, hotel-level luxury and unparalleled care.

Move in with us and we’ll make sure our home is your home. Hang pictures in your own modern space so it looks like home. Invite friends and family over when it suits you so it feels like home. And enjoy your favourite food (and exquisite new dishes) in our tempting restaurant so it tastes like home.

But make sure you make it back for a theatre trip with your new friends!

At Blenheim House, it's all about you.

We would be delighted for you and your family to visit our home and see the Blenheim House way of life. You are welcome at any time, appointments are not necessary.

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Audiology Specialist Talk

Ideas of how we can help all those interested in obtaining a better understanding of hearing loss and cognitive decline. Alison and I are both local experienced Independent Audiologists who are passionate about making a difference in the lives of the people we educate and treat. Alison is a well-known respected authority within our industry on the subject of Hearing Aid Technology and I am an experienced clinical specialist who has effectively treated thousands of patients in my time as an Audiologist.

Below is a brief list of the points illustrating what we will be covering in the talk.

1. How we hear

2. Hearing Cognition and health

3. Effective management and treatment of hearing loss and why this is effective as a means of protecting against cognitive decline.

4. How we can help

5. Question Time 

We have a comprehensive clinical approach to hearing care delivered to a high standard.

Anthony Stone HAD MSHAA Director
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Pet therapy in care homes

When your loved one makes the move into a care home, they will face a lot of changes. While the positive changes outweigh the negative when moving into care, there are still things that a person will naturally miss about their old home, a pet often being one of them.

Pet therapy is something that has been introduced in many care homes. From household pets such as cats and dogs, to farm animals like alpacas and goats, animals are being brought into the care home environment as a way of helping residents stay positive and happy, especially those with a love for animals.

According to the Royal College of Nursing, research has found that stroking a pet can be relaxing and can result in a reduction in blood pressure. The presence of pets can also promote social interaction and reduce psychological responses to anxiety. Pet therapy has also been linked to an increase in physical activity, with residents getting up and walking around the grounds with the pets that visit them, something that they may not be motivated to do on their own.  

The use of pet therapy can also aid those living with dementia, as the introduction of a pet can often eliminate the isolation, irritability and agitation that those with the condition can often experience. Petting, cuddling and even simply sitting with an animal can have a positive effect on a person’s overall health, while triggering happy memories of their own pets.

Pets can often be brought into care homes by the team working the home, but there are also organisations such as Pets As Therapy, who provide a therapeutic visiting service by registered volunteers in hospitals, hospices, nursing and care homes, all across the UK.

Pet therapy is not for everyone and knowing our residents is key to making it a success, but with the right person matched with the right animal, the benefits can be amazing. We have used pet therapy in our home and have seen that our residents are more focused, happier and less stressed. Pet therapy in care homes
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