In the UK, all care providers have to be inspected by an independent regulatory body, in order to ensure they are maintaining national standards and delivering quality care. 

Who inspects care providers?

In the UK, each country has its own regulatory body. For England, this is the Care Quality Commission (CQC), in Scotland the Care Inspectorate, in Wales the Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales (CSSIW) and in Northern Ireland it’s the Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority (RQIA). 

How are Majesticare care homes regulated?

Majesticare care homes are monitored by the CQC via regular inspections – with at least one “review” every two years. The CQC will also gather feedback and concerns from residents and those who have loved ones in the care home. 

The CQC will take action if it believes there is a problem or that standards aren’t being met. In an emergency situation, the CQC can also mandate that a home is closed until the provider meets its requirements, and it can take a service off the register completely if necessary.

What happens during an inspection?

The CQC inspector or inspection team will usually meet with the care home manager or another member of the team right at the start of an inspection. It’s at this point that they will explain things like who will be carrying out the inspection and what the of the review will cover.

The CQC inspection team will then use information from their own research, as well as feedback they’ve received, to structure their visit and focus on areas of concern or areas where the service is performing particularly well.

The CQC will collect evidence by:

• Gathering the views of people who use the home

• Gathering information from staff

• Observing care

• Looking at individual care pathways

• Reviewing records

• Inspecting the individual facilities where people are cared for

• Looking at documents and policies.

Reports and ratings

Evidence collected is used to form a verdict about the quality of care, which is then published as a report on the CQC website. In most cases the reports include ratings, which show the overall judgement of the quality of care.

There are four ratings that are given to care homes: outstanding, good, requires improvement and inadequate.

To find the rating of Blenheim House of our care homes, simply scroll to the bottom of our home page where you’ll find our rating and link to our full inspection report.