Moving into a care home is a big step for everyone, but there are many ways you can help your loved one settle in. Take a look at some of our suggestions to see how you can help family and friends feel more comfortable in their new home. 

Decorate their room
Photos of loved ones on the walls, their much-loved ornaments by their bedside, even a splash of colour with their favourite house plant; a few simple ways to bring some familiarity to their new bedroom. Does your loved one have a particular chair that they always sit on to read the morning papers? Then bring it with them! This is their home, so if they want to bring familiar furnishings then they are more than welcome to do so.

Visit them
Make a real effort to visit them as much as possible. Seeing a familiar face, especially in those first few weeks, is so important and will help your loved one feel more comfortable; it also gives them something to look forward to, knowing that their family and friends are coming to visit. We don’t have structured visiting hours, giving you the opportunity to visit whenever you want. 

Help them socialise
Sitting with them in communal areas and helping them make conversation with other residents is the perfect way to help your loved one feel more settled, especially if they are quite shy. Building new friendships can be difficult, at any age, so be mindful that they may need some help gaining confidence.

Keep the routine
Encourage your loved one to carry on with their usual daily routine; they can still enjoy reading their favourite newspaper with a cup of tea, or partake in a spot of gardening. Staying with us means that they can still enjoy doing the things that make them happy.

At Blenheim House, we have an incredible team of people on hand 24/7 to offer our residents support and companionship. You can rest assured that we will help your loved ones settle in as quickly as possible, they’ll be enjoying their time with us in no time.