Bailey is our latest addition to the Blenheim Family. She is currently a baby French bulldog, named after a cherished resident and now spends her days having cuddles and playing with the residents. “Pets hold a special place in many people’s hearts and lives, and there is compelling evidence from clinical and laboratory studies that interacting with pets can be beneficial to the physical, social and emotional wellbeing of humans,” says Lori Palley, DVM, of the MGH Center for Comparative Medicine. “Several previous studies have found that levels of neurohormones like oxytocin – which is involved in pair-bonding and maternal attachment – rise after interaction with pets, and new brain imaging technologies are helping us begin to understand the neurobiological basis of the relationship, which is exciting.” More details of Lori’s research and report can be accessed by looking at Bailey will live at Blenheim during the week and take part in the daily activities with the residents across the home, she will not be at Blenheim during weekends or at night. Although the overwhelming majority of people are happy with the arrival of Bailey, we respect the view of all, so for those few people who do not wish to be involved, we will be ensuring that she doesn’t make any contact with them.